Welcome to the Website of  Alabama Folk Artist and Craftsman Rodney C. Lawley © No reproduction permitted. All copyright to material on KryptoArt.com is reserved exclusively by Rodney C. Lawley.   Rodney C. Lawley is a professional Folk Artist and Artisan based in Birmingham, Alabama and specializes in sculptural work that utilizes recycled and discarded materials. His art explores the beauty of natural textures, patinas, and tool markings while challenging the conventional perceptions and stereotypes of Folk Art and the artists that work in this genre.   Rodney is college educated, a trained historian, and is proficient in the skills of many blue-collar trades, such as welding, carpentry, masonry, blacksmithing, and metals casting. Although Rodney has received instruction in these fields in the United States and the Philippine Islands, the application of these skills to artistic purposes has been a self-taught endeavor that has spanned many years of his life. Familiar with the often haughty dismissal of Folk Art by the established art community, Rodney’s work explores the space between the two  genres by producing quality constructed pieces that emphasize the beauty of simple ideas untouched by the systematic effects of  scientific design and pre-boxed academia arts training. Rodney has sold his art to collectors in the United States, Canada, and Europe for many years, and his work has raised thousands of dollars for charity. He has participated in gallery exhibitions in multiple states within the USA, and his work is featured in both commercial buildings and national commercial media promotions.   Some of Rodney’s art is sold via the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama, and on occasion, some pieces will be listed on the ETSY marketplace. Rodney is currently seeking exhibition opportunities in National Juried Art shows to showcase the quality of his modern Folk Art to the established Art Community. Commission inquiries are always welcome and will receive a prompt response.