© No reproduction permitted. All copyright to material on KryptoArt.com is reserved exclusively by Rodney C. Lawley. “Coca Cola Planter”   Sold Aug 2014 “Steel in Motion”  Sold Oct. 2015 “Horse Lover” Sold July 2014 “Eyesometric” Sold Oct. 2014 Sold 2012-2013 “Magic City Steel 2”       Sold 2016 Sold 2012-2013 Sold 2012-2013 Sold 2012-2013 Sold 2013-2014 “Nirvana Nebulous”       Sold 2014 “Wheel Horsey Table”     Sold July 2015 “The Vulcan Viking”       Sold 2014 Sold 2015               Previously Sold Art and New Arrivals “Words of Measure”   Sold Dec 2014 “Smog Monster”    Sold 2015 “Walking Home”  Sold June 2015 “I Can Fix It”  Sold 2015     Sold 2016 “The Lyric Light” Sold Aug 2015 Sold Aug 2015 “The Cupric Cycle”   Sold Aug 2015 “Brother Bryan Feeder”         Sold 2017 “A Measured Cut”      Sold 2016 “Looking Back at Tomorrow”             Sold 2017 “Silver Spoon Happy”       Sold 2016   “From Fire” Sold Sept. 2015 Sold 2016 Sold Sept. 2015   “The Vision” Sold Oct. 2015 “Buttons and Chains”    Sold Aug 2015 “Irrigation Please”      Sold 2015 “Magic Prayers”  Sold Oct. 2015 “Magic Spirits”    Sold 2015 “Bird Inn” Sold 2015 Sold 2015 Sold 2015 Sold 2016 Sold 2016 “Bird Zone”  Sold 2015 “Hayseed Harry”  Sold Nov. 2016                 “Addy’s Toy Box”   Commissioned Piece Sold Dec 2015 “Steel Holding On”     Sold 2016  “El Soldador” Sold June 2016                “Cola Mon See You”      Sold June 2016             “En Vano” Sold June 2016                “The Queen is Sleeping”         Sold June 2016               Pallet Headboard Commissioned Piece Sold 2016 “Birmingham Bikes”       Sold 2017 “The Poodle Attraction”        SOLD 2016     “Bike Bar”     Sold 2018 Blockhead Manifesto       Sold 2017      The Camp SAM Commission 16 FT. “Honor Wall” December 2016         “Architectural Bird House”                   Sold 2017   “The Flag House”            Sold   “Watching Birds”     Sold Dec 2017 “Red Mountain in Steel”   Sold 2018 “The Dawn of Aya”              “Smitty’s Shop”     Accepted for Regional Show THE ART of BEING SOUTHERN  The Johnson Center for the Arts           Troy, Alabama, 2017              Retained by Artist “Folks der Wagon” “Peace in Pittsburgh” Birdhouse Scrabble        Sold 2017 “The Piano Peace”      Sold 2015 Sold June 2017 Sold June 2017 Sold June 2017       “Fitz Toys” Commissioned Piece    Sold July 2017 Retained for personal collection in 2017 Unsold - Retained            Corn Hole Game Commissioned Piece August 2017   “Dak’s Shack” Retained by Artist “Lime Soda Smash”      Sold 2019 “Road to Utopia”     Sold 2018 “Block House Blues”      Sold 2018 “Plum Delicious”   Sold 2019 “We Bee Friendly”     Sold 2018 Yard Art 2018 at Naked Art USA “Bottle Tree 101”   Sold 2019 “Iron From River Thames” Retained by Artist 2019 “The King and His Court” Retained by Artist 2019 “Blunt by Color” “The Dawn of Aya II”   “One Farm Day” Retained by Artist “You Make Me Happy”         Sold 2018  “Lyric Theater Tribute””      Sold June 2016