Basic Welding Equipment and Techniques for Metal Art Sculpture and the Beginning Welder    With well over 50 thousand reads since publication, this instructional article on basic welding skills has helped many new artists learn a new skill.   © No reproduction permitted. All copyright to material on is reserved exclusively by Rodney C. Lawley. A detailed guide on how to construct a four-foot high rebar steel fence  The guide includes a material and tool list to get the do-it-yourself handyman right to work. Read Now Read Now Read Now How to Carve Oak and Other Hardwood Tree Trunks Into Beautiful and  Useful Wood Art. Proper seasoning of the wood and a patient cutting procedure are vital to prevent checking and splitting of the wood fibers. Also discussed are sealing techniques to aid in the control of water evaporation from the green wood. Read Now How to Build a Man-Size Welding Table From Rebar and Used Bed-Frame Metal for Less Than Sixty Dollars Art Based Instructionals